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песня I Tried
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Every day, somethin in my way, I try Shit ain’t goin right, I try to see the light, I try Ohh, it’s like my eyes got a cover on 'em, and somethin holdin me back A better man, better level, better know I try Uh-huh, get off me, AH-HAH! Uh, yeah yo Listen, I done played with the snakes in the grass Paid for my mistakes I made in the past Everybody ate when I came with the cash At least I tried to ride the wave 'til it crashed Same wood on the gun handle is on the dash All the hoods that son ran through is on smash They can’t identify you with a mask And the bible’ll tell you nothin is gonna last The name of the game’s survival If you make it alive when you ride through they make it arrival My boo is gon' ride, you know I’m gon' ride too Make an M every day, I’m gon' try to — let’s go Uh-huh, get off me, AH-HAH! Uh, yeah yo I tried to tell niggaz I’m willin to blast for it I only try to give it to niggaz that ask for it Got them things on the scale, I’m still weighin 'em Thought my dues was paid, I’m still payin 'em Couple Eleanor’s and the Goose, I’m still Bay’in 'em Semi’s and the fully’s, know that the truth stay with him Wolves and gorillas is loose, so don’t play with him Somethin’s holdin him back, nothin that you could say to him Popped champagne with Biggie at the Palladium Put that good hawk work in with the titaniums Shit switch around when them heats get fired And ya peeps just died, but at least he tried — let’s go Uh-huh, get off me, AH-HAH! Uh, yeah — watch the game get tooken over I’m still on the same side of the fence, I’m just lookin over A solider, from the gravel to the grass to the obstacles in life I traveled in the past Whether I’m holdin a mic or holdin a mac It’s like an invisible force is holdin me back But I ain’t lettin go of my pride After I get the dough I’ll slide, better know I tried Let’s go, uh Here come another day up on me Put the pressure on me, here we go again ahhh I try to do what’s right when life is so wrooooong I want a better way, I see a better day 'Nuff what the people said, I want a better me God knows that I try but time won’t wait for me I tried, hey!
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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