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The silence breaks the ground A shadow is riding the horizon An arcane man arrives to town Remorseless and condemned Tasted the snake’s poison Broken every bone Felt a thousand gunshot wounds But there’s nothing that whiskey can’t cure Ride! Through the crossfire Ride! Through the flames, like a predator in the night The eagles fly into eternal sunset The heroes die, dying for their pride Awoken to heavy galloping I heard the blasting whiplash Eyes are filled with lust to kill Beware, he’s crying out your name Now the time has come When the iron tears the heart And the trumpets will ring loudly As the stars are painted with blood Blazing fire under the moon Burning taste of lead We’ll ride forever 'Cause the iron is stronger than death
Альбом:Two Decades Of Greatest Sword Hits
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Iron (Длительность 03:51)

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