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Слушай и качай - Theme from "The Divide"
Jean-Pierre Taïeb
песня Theme from
Текст песни Jean-Pierre Taïeb - Theme from "The Divide"
Someone said that I was given keys To the city of your dreams, Light and dark, people losing hope as they walk through the sea People woundering if one day that there will be a home to come to But that is for them to find out Once we run after our dreams Run after our dream (Background music) We can’t hide from the monsters that walk and run at us everytime Cause in the end we either live or we die This is life and death Time to choose that path that you want to walk right beside Because in the end, either way, you’ll end up dead But first you must run after our fate (Background music) The clock is clicking and clicking Time is running out, nothing more that could do It seems that we’re surrounded and there is nothing more that we can do Excepte running after our fate (Background music) Mama I’m scared, Dad please help, God protect me Caught by the pressure of time Running after my fate Thought of all what I missed Spent everything I’ve made Fake it all through my life Poisoned by all my own lies Dragged me down at me down to my death And makes me want to hide and find out why
Альбом:The Divide
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