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Cliff Richard
песня Yesterday, Today, Forever
Текст песни Cliff Richard - Yesterday, Today, Forever
When did you becomethe topic of conversation When did you become this country’s Popular myth Seems that overnight you caught Everybody’s attention Everybody sings about you and your name Bounces off their lips When did you become superstar of This generation And when did you become commercial property Everybody’s got their own sweet lord Hear them sing Looking here, looking there but they just don’t Seem sweet Were you a guru, a godly man Or where you a genius, the best in the land I read in the paper that you were back in fashion Amongst the famous men you were high on the list Don’t they realise that fashion’s a passing fancy The truth is yesterday, today, forever You’ll be staying Yesterday, today, forever never wavering You stated who you were and that will Never change Like it or not you’ll always be the same Son of God Like it or not, yesterday, today, forever (x6) Yesterday, today, forever, like it or not
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Yesterday, Today, Forever (Длительность 04:28)

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