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Johnta Austin
песня Turn It Up
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Now baby I’ll be honest, when I first saw you, I couldn’t help but think about what you were like in bed I ain’t tryna sweat you, I know that I just met you, but would you agree if I said?.. We need to be alone. (My car is right outside) Be alone (And it ain’t too far of a drive) Over to my place, I know all the right songs to play cause I tell you (BRIDGE:) It ain’t nothing like making all kind of love to some music (turn the music up) I’m talking kissing and hugging, touching and rubbing to that music (turn the music up) (CHORUS:) So if you love that Maxwell (turn it up, turn it up, girl) How about some Jodeci? (turn it up, turn it uuup) Bump n' Grind to R. Kel (turn it up, turn it up, girl) All you gotta do is say babe (turn it up) (VERSE 2:) Now we off up in the ride, cruising down Sunset Girl your C T Burn is smelling so good to me. I want to love you to Usher cause I know you need it Nice n' Slow I’m like Genuine. You got me So Anxious Word to Jamie cause tonight we getting Unpredictable Now I know just what Jan meant, when she said it’s Funny (funny) How (how) Time (time) Flys (BRIDGE) (CHORUS 2:) Aw Here’s to Mary J. (turn it up, turn it up, girl) And I know you digging Faith (turn it up, turn it uuup) Don’t Alicia got it going on? (turn it, turn it up, girl) All you gotta do is say babe (RAP:) Now I’m grown, girl And I hit u with the d*** one time you’ll be gone, girl Lets get it on, girl We’ll let the Marvin Gay play while J do it all night long, girl I’m in the zone, girl Turn on your radio and I guarantee that you’ll hear one of my songs, girl I write hits, got a crib with a elevator in it and I ain’t dropped one single of my own, girl (But back to the groove) See that Petrome pouring? Maybe you want more, and I’m built to last Slow motion or fast, I’ll have a blast, in spots you didn’t even know you had Here’s an idea, we ain’t leaving for the crib, pull over the 5−50 let’s do it right here (in audible) (BRIDGE) (CHORUS 3:) One time for Jagged Edge (turn it up, turn it up, girl) And girl I know you like 112 (turn it up, turn it uuup) And Luther is the best (turn it up, turn it, girl) So all you gotta is say, «J, turn it, turn it, turn it up!»
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Turn It Up (Длительность 03:59)

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