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Chris Ledoux
песня Copenhagen
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CHORUS Copenhagen it makes me feel so good. Copenhagen the way I know it should. I put a little chew in my mouth, go spittin' and a-slobberin' all around the house, that Copenhagen, it makes me feel so good. I took a chew just the other night- it made me feel just fine. I grabbed my honey baby and I pinched her ol' behind. She said, «you better spit out that chewin' tobaccer if you wanna kiss me on the big ol' smacker, that CHORUS I was sittin' in a bar room and I took a little dip Drinkin' beer & talkin' but I had no place to spit. So I spit a stream out on the floor, and that bouncer flung me out the door, that Copenhagen, it makes me feel so good. CHORUS It’s a cure all too it cures fits, warts, freckles, coughs, colds, runny nose. Guaranteed not to rip, run or snag. Makes conception a wonder and child birth a pleasure… That’s Copenhagen Makes you feel so good
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Copenhagen (Длительность 02:43)

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