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песня All You Zombies
Текст песни Sandra - All You Zombies
Holy Moses met the Pharaoh Yeah, he tried to set him straight Looked him in the eye «Let my people go» Holy Moses on the mountain High above the golden calf Went to get the Ten Commandments Yeah, he’s just gonna break them in half! All you zombies hide your faces All you people in the street All you sittin' in high places The pieces gonna fall on you No one ever spoke to Noah They all laughed at him instead Working on his ark Working all by himself Only Noah saw it coming Forty days and forty nights Took his sons and daughters with him Yeah, they were the Israelites The rain’s gonna fall on you Holy Father, what’s the matter Where have all your children gone Sitting in the dark Living all by themselves You don’t have to hide any more All you zombies show your faces… …The pieces gonna fall on you All you zombies show your faces (I know you’re out there) All you people in the street (Let's see you) All you sittin' in high places It’s all gonna fall on you
Альбом:Platinum Collection
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All You Zombies (Длительность 05:03)

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